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Table of Contents

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Interim Report Distribution Dates:
1st Quarter - October 9th
2nd Quarter - December 14th
3rd Quarter - March 5th
4th Quarter - May 19th


Report Card Distribution Dates:
1st Quarter – November 7th
2nd Quarter – January 31st
3rd Quarter - April 5th
4th Quarter – Report Cards Mailed Home (3-5 days after last day of school)


Using any ISP (Internet Service Provider) contact the West Deptford School District site at
www.wdeptford.k12.nj.us. From here one can navigate to the Power Parent link and log on. Each student has a
9 | P a g e
unique username and password which allows parents to view the information on the various screens. You may
obtain this information during Back to School Night or by contacting the office and providing proper
identification to receive your child’s information.



Contact Information

Email - pchambers@wdeptford.k12.nj.us
Phone - 856.848.1200 ext.  2221



Daily Schedule

1st Period -  7:46  8:30
2nd Period - 8:34 - 9:18
3rd Period -  9:22- 10:06
4th Period -  10:10 -10:54
5th Period - 10:58 - 11:42
6th Period - 11:46 - 12:30
7th Period - 12:34 - 1:118

8th Period - 1:22 - 2:06


WDHS Grade Scale

A+ (100-99)
A   (98-94)
A-  (93-92)
B+ (91-90)
B   (89-85)
B-  (85-83)
C+ (82-81)
C   (80-76)
C-  (75-74)
D+ (73-72)
D   (71-67)
D-  (66-65)
F    (64 & below)



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  • English III




         Handbook REVIEW 2.pdf


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  1. Stay organized by using a planner or assignment book daily.
  2. Ask questions!
  3. Break large assignments into smaller tasks.






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